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If you are interested in private lessons from Leslie, please contact her via email. Happy, satisfied references are available.

For example:

Before moving back to New York, I asked my 13-year old piano student what — if anything — she learned in our time together.

She hugged her knees to her chest on the creaky, wooden piano bench.

“Other than piano, I’ve learned a lot of different things,” she responded, pensively. “Life isn’t exactly a movie. There are stories out there that aren’t princess fairy tales. And that can happen to me, but I would be able to go on. I would look back and think, ‘I remember Leslie. She was so strong.'”

I stared at her, in awe. 

She continued, listing her hopes and dreams for me in New York.

“I hope you get on Broadway, because I feel you deserve it. I hope you meet the right person, because I also feel you deserve him. Just don’t date anyone you meet in a bar. I hope you enjoy your time in New York but I also hope you come back. Maybe you’ll go on to be a movie star, and then you can include me in your Golden Globe speech.”

We both laughed, and I tried hard to fight back a few tears. 13-year old piano student placed her fingers above the keys, ready to play her warm-up scales. She turned back to me for a moment.

“By the way, do me a favor. If you DO end up meeting the right guy and get married, can I be your bridesmaid?”


Lessons start at $40/half hour
Package of four lessons – $250.00



Besides the daily drama that is a part of being Miss Spencer (ba dum, chink!) Leslie has taught in the public school system.  Resume and references available upon request.


Last, but certainly not least, come burn off some energy in one of Leslie’s spinning classes at Pedal Spin Studio!   AFAA certified in Group Exercise, Leslie has taught fitness classes for over ten years.  Again, resume is available upon request.


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